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Service: Ghostwriting

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You really want to write a book, article, or blog, but something is preventing you from accomplishing this. Is your schedule packed full? Do you have more ideas than you have time for? Is writing not your forte? Let us do the work for you.

What is Ghostwriting?

We write your copy for you, but it's credited to your name. You share your stories and ideas with us, and we'll do the actual writing process. Got a non-fiction book idea? Maybe an autobiography? Need an article written? Want us to write your blog posts? We are here to help.

People are considered to be authors when they've written published works. However, it is also true for anyone who simply comes up with the ideas for the work. In other words, if you provide the content, you are considered the author, even if you don't participate in the actual writing. Of course, included with your contract with us will be  a confidentiality clause to insure you, and only you, will be credited with the work.

Every project is unique, but to begin, we will chat with you via a zoom conference call. We'll discuss your ideas and goals for the work, then come up with a price quote and timeline for your specific circumstance.

When it comes to pricing, there are numerous variables to consider. The word count, format, the subject matter and the amount of research required all come into play. 

  • Blog posts - 500-1000 words
  • Newspaper article  - 600-1500 words
  • Periodicals - 1500-3000 words
  • Normal non-fiction book - 30,000-70,000 words

 Contact us today for more information.