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Service: Interior Formatting & Design of Your Print Softcover and Ebook for Amazon KDP and IngramSpark

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What makes a book look like a book? Formatting!
Print and Ebook book formatting is the special preparation of a PDF file to ensure that it is laid out in a professional manner and meets the publisher’s requirements. Formatting is a large part of what creates an easy and enjoyable reading experience.

Why do you need your book formatted?
KDP Print and IngramSpark have specific requirements that must be met for your work to be accepted. After all the time and effort you put into writing, you don't want an unformatted edition making your book look amateurish, and thus taking away from the important message or story. Formatting is the "secret sauce" that ensures your content is what the readers are paying attention to. 

Guaranteed to work on Amazon KDP and IngramSpark:
We format for Amazon KDP Print and IngramSpark. The single PDF file we provide is guaranteed for both of these platforms.

Guide to formatting pricing

base price up to 50K words - $795 + extras

** The above base price are for basic books without any extras and are intended as a guide only. Prices vary for books that include extras such as images, tables, graphs, footnotes or endnotes, etc.

Please request a quote for the correct price for your specific book. We take into account the total work involved and not just the word count.**