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Service: Proofreading & Editing Your Books, Articles, Blogs, Websites

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Why does your writing need editing?
It is important for your book to look and feel professional. This means a properly formatted interior and a professionally-designed cover. In addition, a noteworthy book is also professionally edited. The amount and form of editing varies and is, of course, dependent upon what is needed. Our editors will guide you on revising your book, anywhere from grammar and sentence structure to suggesting changes to help craft a better flow to your story. Self-editing can never replace the benefit of working with a good editor. Do yourself and your book a favor and contact us about editing your manuscript today!


Our Editors specialize in works of non-fiction


What are the different types of editing?

  • Line Edit

  • Copy Edit

  • Proofreading

NOTE: You can choose to do all of these or only those most critical for your work.

editing flow chart

What type of editing services do you need?

Line Edit -   With line editing, we are looking to improve your writing style while still maintaining your personal author's voice. The focus is on your choice of words, how they’re put together, and how clearly you convey your thoughts. 

This method of editing is subjective, and you may choose to implement some changes that the editor suggests but not others. This is a time-intensive process, and therefore, can result in larger changes to your book's structure. So be aware, it is normal to reject some of our suggestions if you don’t agree with them. If you have any questions as you go through the edited document, we’re always happy to explain the reasoning behind any of our specific edits.

These are a few of the items we’ll be looking at:

Awkward Phrasing
Consistent Voice
Consistent Tense
Word Choice

If in the process of reviewing, you end up rewriting sentences, paragraphs and adding or removing content, then we recommend ordering a copy edit next. This focuses specifically on grammar and sentence structure. 

Copy editing - This is an edit that addresses syntax, grammar, word usage, and consistency issues. We can correct any continuity issues in your story and ensure your manuscript is free of technical problems or loose ends that may confuse your readers. 

This is done once you have a fully completed "final draft" of your manuscript, but before any final proofreading. 

If you’re limited in your budget and are only planning to have one round of editing, copy editing is what you want. 

Proofreading - This is also important and should be the last step in your editing process. Your proofreader will perform a final review on your manuscript to fix any remaining mechanical and grammatical issues before your book is printed and published. This is not a comprehensive structural or "authors voice" edit but instead focuses on eliminating minor errors and inconsistencies. For instance, correction of grammar, misspellings, verb tense, punctuation, and capitalization issues.

Reviewing Changes

You can send us your file formatted for Apple's PagesMS Word, or Google Sheets, whichever you prefer working in.

Pricing is dependent on the length and complexity of your manuscript. Any add-ons such as "rush timing" or "package pricing" will effect the base price.

Base pricing 

Minimum fee of $100.00

Line Editing 0.035 per word

Copy Editing 0.03 per word

Proofreading 0.02 per word

*If you want all three types of editing, email for discounted bundle pricing.

**Inquire for short form (under 3,000 words) pricing.