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What is Light Language?

Do you realize that every cell in your body started from just one cell? Have you ever stopped to think about what this really means? We have trillions of cells in our bodies and hundreds that are unique from each other, yet all came from the original one. How did that happen? What makes the cells specialize and change? Why did your body turn out to be a whole and complete organism instead of just a pile of cells, all clones of each other? Because there is a governing force, a blueprint, a living template, a consciousness beyond the physical.

Light Language is a heart-centered intuitive language that comes from our non-physical selves. Light Language is not a typical language that can be translated by the linear mind. It bypasses the thinking mind and works on a vibrational level. I often use the analogy of a zipped file. A zipped file contains so much more information in it than it seems for the size. As such, Light Language can be used to release stuck energy, help you to get to the next level on something, amplify your intuition, give you clarity, unlock upgrades and changes in the way your body reads your DNA, it demonstrates that we are connected to non-physical source energy, and can also be used to self soothe, similar to how a lullaby helps a baby to relax and feel at ease. It’s beneficial in many ways.

Which also means it can take time to integrate the information contained in a transmission or writing. It's important to note that this is not a "mind" process. It is accessed and understood by your "self" that is beyond the mind, greater than the mind, the multidimensional part of you. This is a channeled language full of coded vibrational frequencies.

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