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Ultraviolet Catastrophe

This blog is about being in the system but not being ruled by the system. It’s about living life, not enduring it. It’s also about being a modern bohemian, creativity, living healthier and being empowered. The children's book Ultra-Violet Catastrophe written by Margaret Mahy and illustrated by Brian Froud, (Parents magazine press, 1975) was a big influence on me during my childhood. The story is about a free spirited girl who thinks she has to “endure” a visit to a boring and stuffy aunt. What she finds instead is a unexpected jaunt with her great uncle, Great-uncle Magnus Pringle, (awesome name) whom

she had never met before. Turns out, they were kindred spirits and a simple walk turned into a grand adventure. He was a bit odd but in a fun way. The kind that pulls you out of your everyday zone and allows you just to be. Uncle Magnus’s favorite phrase was “Ultra-violet catastrophe.” He sa

id he liked the sound of it. I did too.

During their adventure they went through hedges, walked barefoot in the mud, climbed trees, sang songs, made a rock dam in a stream, and got chased by a cow. When they returned from their adventure, the two were much travel worn but supremely happy. I identified so much with the girl, Sally. She was free spirited, not afraid to get dirty, loved adventure, and she was being raised by her mom. I wanted my life to have days of adventure too. I used to read and look at the artwork all the time. Did I mention the art is fabulous? I still have my copy printed in 1975. It's been many years, but this simple book still has an influence. It inspired me to name an art piece Ultraviolet Wind.

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