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One Woman, One Car, One Month: My Solo Road Trip Adventure

In college, a dream was born. It was a vision of me, roaming the country in a compact RV, a loyal dog by my side, and a heart full of wanderlust. My goals were twofold: 1) to witness the vast natural beauty of North America, and equally important, 2) to embark on an introspective journey so that I may discover the direction I wanted my life to take. Long story short, this dream never materialized.

Fast forward to 2023.

Thirty years have passed and yet, in the back of my mind, the yearning has persisted. I decided it was high time to chase after this dream. I am currently canine-less so I would be going it alone, and I’d need to swap out the RV (which I don’t own) for my trusty Honda Accord. Over the span of a month, I will drive from the Midwest to California and back, transforming my Accord into a mini camper, complete with a cozy bed, a functional kitchenette, a solar power supply, and even provisions for when nature calls.

My journey is underway and has so far taken me through several breathtaking locales, like the artistic streets of Santa Fe, New Mexico and the mystical terrains of Sedona, Arizona. Presently, I find myself in Joshua Tree National Park, basking in its unique serenity.

Interestingly, I've encountered numerous women along the way who've expressed awe at my solo venture. And at the same time, say things like, "I could never do that," or "I'm not brave enough." A few comments I’ve received on my YouTube channel also share these common refrains.

I am a staunch believer in the Law of Attraction. Mindset is everything. What you focus on is attracted to you, and the thoughts you harbor profoundly influence your life experiences. Before heading out, I set the intention that this trip would be filled with lovely places, experiences, and people. I trust this intention. Not once have I felt threatened or overcome by loneliness. In fact, every interaction has been with kind, helpful souls.

That being said, I am human. There was a singular moment here at Joshua Tree's Jumbo Rocks Campground where the weight of my solitude was palpable. It was prompted by the absence of cell service. And for a moment, the thought did cross my mind, “What if something happens, I won’t be able to call for help.” But I nipped that kind of thinking in the bud. Rather than succumb to loneliness or fear, I fortified myself with affirmations: "I am safe. Everything is working out for me. My higher self is always looking out for me." The trepidation faded, and I enjoyed a tranquil night under the stars, even venturing out at 3:00 am for an impromptu stargazing session.

In life, as in travel, your perspective is everything. Falling prey to fear and 'what ifs' will only hold you back. Embrace the adventure, trust in the journey, and always believe in the power of your positive mindset. You control your thoughts; therefore you can change your life—even in this present moment!

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