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Manifesting Your Life…One Stretch at a Time

When I’m working on a project, there can be days where I find myself sitting at the desk, in front of the laptop for extended periods of time. I may become so engrossed in the creative process that it’s most of the day. When I finally take a break, my body lets me know. Some tightness in the shoulders or lower back, sometimes in my legs. If it’s late in the evening, I’m tired and all I want is to reach the bed and let my head hit the pillow. Yet if instead, I take just a little time out to stretch, to do some yoga postures, to relax my body, I will be rewarded with almost-instant relief.

Even if you’re not practiced at it, partaking in some gentle stretching and calming yoga postures can bring release. The muscles elongate and relax, a sense of greater ease flows into the body, and your resistance is diminished. The change may be subtle, though it’s still distinct and discernible.

But this blog post is not about stretching or yoga positions. Instead, I want to talk about manifesting the life you desire, and what I want to share is that achieving it is not that much different than stretching the body to release muscle tension.

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation in life—your job sucks, your car needs repairs, your partner doesn’t show enough affection towards you—then this is where you are in the moment. It doesn’t mean you have to stay here, but at this moment in time, it’s what’s in your face. You can complain about it and look for other people or situations to blame. But this line of thought doesn’t release the tension and move you forward. You can worry or get angry or depressed. You are free to feel the feelings you are having. In fact, I encourage you to acknowledge what you are feeling.

Yet, if you want your life to change into something different, you must take the time to bring yourself relief, one stretch at a time. Gently stretch your thoughts. Let go of your resistance by thinking one thought that makes you feel a little better. If you’re angry or frustrated, what small thing can you focus on to bring some metal relief to you now?

“I may not want to stay in this job, but at least for now, it’s supplying me with an income to get by. As I move forward in my life, something much better is going to open up for me.”

“My car needs expensive repairs, but once I get them done, at least I have a vehicle to get me where I need to go for now. A better, more reliable car is in my future. I want it so it must come to me when I’m ready to let it into my life.”

“My partner doesn’t show enough affection for me, but at least I have someone in my life who I can share things with. I will focus more on giving myself the love I desire. As I do this, my vibration will rise, and others will begin to treat me more in the manner that I want to be treated.”

Little stretches in body and mind can have a huge impact on your life if you learn to be consistent with it. Release the tension and relax your mind. The change you want is coming.

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