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Keep the Momentum Going

In my last blog post, I explained what a Pattern interrupt or PI is used for. (Here’s the LINK if you didn't get a chance to read it.) PI’s are something that interrupts patterns that don’t serve your highest good and are used to help change habitual ways of thinking and reacting.

Once you start using pattern interrupts, you might begin to notice a slight pause in your thoughts right after employing the PI. A time when your brain is ready to be redirected. It’s kind of like the little spinning ball on your computer that comes up after you have asked it do open something large and it has to “think” for a bit. That little spinning ball appears to show you that it’s loading something. That is just like your brain after a PI and is the perfect time to redirect your thoughts towards the direction of what you want.

There is some misunderstanding with the concept of positive thinking. Many people seem to think that means you are striving to never ever think a negative thought. That’s actually not the goal. And wouldn’t be helpful even if it were possible. In order to figure out what we want or even like, we need a frame of reference. To know what light is you must know what darkness is. So your reference is your emotions. How does something make you feel? Whether it’s “I feel crapy,” or “I feel great” either way you have your start point. Now you can choose which way you want to go from there, towards happiness or sadness

How do you deal with unwelcome thoughts then? By giving them as little attention as possible. Let’s continue with the example I started with in the last blog, road rage. You are in your car with a below the speed limit driver in front of you that you can’t get around. You were experiencing a mounting irritation. So you’ve just employed a pattern interrupt and you are in that “spinning ball” moment that I mentioned above. What is your next move? Your goal here is to fill the momentary empty space in your mind with something nice. When that spinning ball stops what you want to load is something pleasant. A pleasant memory, finding something to appreciate about your car, or out the window. The new snow. Something that you appreciate.

It’s not that hard but it is something you are going to have to figure out on your own. It’s really an art to figuring out what works best for you. Maybe it’s thinking of puppies, or your grandchild, or blueberry ice cream, the sound of walking on gravel trails, that one time when your husband did that thing makes you laugh every time you think of it. Whatever it might be for you. Prepare a goto happy thought something that always makes you feel better. That way you can use that memory if you can’t find anything else in the moment.

The reason you want to redirect your mind is to preserve your momentum of your day going in the direction of choice. It’s not the individual thoughts that make or break your positive, fun and enjoyable day and consequently your life. It’s your momentum. If you have some negative thoughts in your day, that’s fine. However, it’s the general direction you are pointed that can make your life better or not.

This is where momentum comes in. What people call negative thoughts are so much less powerful than positive ones. Mike Dooley says that positive thoughts are 10,000 times more powerful than negative ones. So don’t worry about some stray negative thoughts. Do you know why positive thoughts are more powerful? Because they are in-line with your inner being and source energy. Of course negative and positive are just judgments. It’s only important how what you are thinking makes you feel. Are you thoughts about things making you feel empowered, happy and energetic? Or not?

What really gets your day (and life) going is if you can string a bunch of good feeling moments together. Because by doing that you start vibrating at the that level of good feeling and things that are in harmony with your good feeling vibration will be attracted into your life.

That’s why the PI’s are handy they help make you aware of when you are compromising your momentum. Whenever you notice that you no are no longer thinking or feeling in the direction of what is wanted, acknowledge where you are. But then turn your focus back to thoughts that make you feel good. Key words are Direction and consistency. The more consistent you are the easier it gets. Abraham Hicks says that if we could stay positive “60% of the time, things would really shift for you. 70% of the time, people would look at you like a freak of nature because things are going so well for you. 80% of the time, people would ask if you can walk on water.”

Don’t you find that extraordinary? That is such an awesome incentive right there for staying in the positive zone.

So how about you? How do you keep your momentum going?

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