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How to Manifest a Motorcycle

A few years ago, my husband, Robert, got the idea that he wanted to buy a motorcycle. In my book, Fill the Gap: How to Manifest From Where You Are Now to the Life You Want, (available on Amazon) I tell a story about how Robert drove my own newly purchased Honda CTX 700 motorcycle home from the dealer during a rainstorm. After a summer of us both having fun with my bike, his interest was piqued, and he started talking about us getting a bigger one that we could use together on longer treks.

He began his research online, looking at different makes and models, reading forums and reviews, clarifying his likes and dislikes. It was winter when he finally narrowed down his choice to a Kawasaki Vulcan 1700. He specifically was interested in what was called the Classic model, a bad-boy design that was a throwback to vintage cruiser bikes.

Problem was they no longer made them. The specific version of Classic that he wanted was only produced for a few years before being discontinued. Searching the various reseller sites, none were available locally or even regionally. He did locate two bikes, but both would require cross-country trips to warmer climates just to see them for a test drive. Not something he wanted to spend the time or money to do for a motorcycle he wasn’t even sure would be the right fit.

Instead, what Robert did was imagine what it would be like to ride this cruiser. He found videos of people doing test rides with the bike. He pictured himself on it. He felt the wind in his face, the comfort of the the seat, the excitement of hitting the open road. He watched the videos before going to bed, then would close his eyes and experience the feeling of the ride.

What he did not do was worry about finding a bike for sale in our area. He didn’t worry about where the money would come from to purchase it. He didn’t let those kinds of thoughts dilute the bliss he felt when he daydreamed about riding the Vulcan Classic. He just felt the good feelings and left the details to the universe.

By early spring, not one but two Vulcan Classics went up for sale in our area. We visited the nearest dealer and took it out for a test ride. It was March, the temperatures were only in the high 30s, and we froze. But this was it! This was the bike Robert had envisioned and it felt great. We put a downpayment on the the Vulcan, went home and got a loan for the rest. Within six short months, the money materialized and we paid the loan off early. The bike was ours.

Feel the feeling that you desire. Focus on that and leave the details to the universe. Then act when you are moved to do so. Life is supposed to be fun!

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