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Do Positive Affirmations Really Work?

Do positive affirmations really work? The answer to that question is no. I mean yes. Um…let me explain. Are you looking to use affirmations to help you attain something? To achieve a specific goal? Want more money? A new car? A better career? A partner that loves you? Improved health and vitality? People use affirmations for all these things and way more.

Do they work? Hold on a sec.

For a solid, all-purpose affirmation, you can’t go wrong by riffing off of one of Benjamin Franklin’s golden oldies, something like being healthy, wealthy, and wise. Empower the statement by setting it in present tense. Do this by adding I am at the start. In other words, I am healthy, wealthy, and wise. But don’t forget to add the one emotional state we all desire, being happy. I am happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise. Now that’s a mighty fine positive affirmation.

But can I use an affirmation to manifest a million bucks? Can I say, ‘I am a millionaire,’ and will it bring me my money?

Recently, I was chatting with this guy, let’s call him Roger, who related a story of how he manifested a date with a woman. One morning while at work, an impulse came to him. (Roger has a job that he does not particularly care for and one that does not pay very well. This bit of information will come into play a little further on.)

On a Friday morning, he shared with a coworker friend how he really wanted to go out with someone that evening. He was tired of being lonely and was determined to turn things around socially. The problem was, he wasn’t seeing anyone at the time. He wasn’t on a dating app. He had no leads. All strikes against him that his buddy was all too eager to point out. But Roger was undeterred. He felt so strongly that he would find a date to start the weekend that he proclaimed it to his friend, Just watch me. Tonight, I’m going out with someone.

The day passed with no sign of a date for Roger—until the afternoon. It was then that a former employee walked through the door unexpectedly for a visit. She was now divorced and available. She and Roger hit it off while catching up, and she asked him if he’d like to go out for pizza that night. Boom! Roger had a date! Why? Because he set an intention and he believed it. The universe, then, had no choice but to deliver what he wanted. That’s the law of attraction.

After Roger had relayed this story to me, I turned to him in all sincerity and said, You’ve got the secret to success. You should start saying, ‘I am a millionaire.” Roger’s immediate response was to laugh out loud and proclaim, That’s impossible! So what do you think? Would an affirmation like, I am a millionaire, work for Roger? No. He doesn’t believe it. In fact, it was clear that such a thought had never seriously yet crossed his mind.

What’s the lesson from this story? Affirmations do work. However, the secret is that you have to believe what you are saying. If you want to be a millionaire, but don’t believe it to your bones, start out with something a little less ambitious, something that won’t push your buttons or introduce doubt. How does this feel? I love money. Money comes easily to me. If this feels good, cool. Still too much? Then try, I am learning to love money and money is learning to love me. The point is to create affirmations that hit the sweet spot for you, ones that turn you in the direction of your desire, but not so much that you can’t believe in it. As you build up your belief, update your affirmations to reflect your desire. Yes, you can get to the place where, I am a millionaire, is a reality for you.

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