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A Bug's Life: Finding a Connection With Source in All Things

For those of us who have had dogs and/or cats in our lives, we understand just how rich and rewarding a relationship can be with these furry critters. They aren't just pets, they're family. There's a feeling of mutual caring and companionship that can only be described as unconditional love. As we curl up on the couch with our pals, the calm and contentment they feel is reciprocated to us. We are connecting with Source through our pets.

Yet, Source is in everything. Last year I had the opportunity to bring home a praying mantis to my house. I set up an enclosure for him on the breakfast bar so I could watch him while I made dinner or washed dishes. It wasn't long before I came to realize just how much personality this little guy possessed. He was super aware and would watch me as I went about my business.

When it came to feeding time, I quickly learned that for the fun of it, I could get him to climb on my finger. Then I could hold him up to eat fruit flies I brought for him. The trust and contentment he displayed while he ate was a beautiful thing to witness. I came to love my little mantis who I named "Bug". I felt a true connection with the Source that was Bug.

The life cycle of a praying mantis is about eight months to a year. We had fun as he rode around on my finger. He had real personality and I felt joy when we spent time together.

Life continues on and one day Bug had moved on too. But I will always be thankful for the time we had together. He helped me understand just how much we can find Source in all things and in all situations... if we just take the time to look for it.

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