About me

Tashai Lovington - Independent Author, Coach, Creator.

I’m a multipotentialite which means I have a lot of interests. From writing, graphic design, interior design, healthy living, universal principles, art, animals, and travel. I have spent my life following my heart.​​​

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My Story

I am a #1 bestselling author, and for over 25 years, I have also been a visual artist and creator. I produced (with my husband) a feature-length documentary that screened in over 200 hundred cities and three countries. I have raised guide dog puppies, have numerous pet reptiles, and love to travel and explore the planet, I was drawn to the study of metaphysics and universal principles at a very early age. Above all else, I’ve learned that our natural state of being is joy and that the essence of life is to have fun. I have the ability to see the broader perspective of things and break them down into easily understandable bites of useful information. Come join me on this exciting journey through life.​

Quality Self-Publishing

I started helping independent authors because I feel it's important to assist people in finding their voice and sharing their knowledge with others. I bring two decades of graphic design experience to this work, and since I'm a #1 bestselling author myself, I know what it takes to get there.

My interest in books is so passionate that I even operated a successful online bookselling business in the early 2000s.

I love books, I love the messages in books, and I love empowering the authors who write them!

It’s not always easy to separate yourself from your beloved work of prose. Yet, it’s important to be able to see your book through the eyes of a stranger, one who doesn’t personally know you or your story. It can be a blindspot that many independent authors suffer from. 

My team and I work with new authors in a variety of ways. We offer professional book cover design, proof-reading and editing, professional interior formatting, uploading to Amazon, attaining Amazon best-seller status, and even ghostwriting.

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Book Design and Publishing Services