See what Jack Canfield, #1 bestselling author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Books Series has to say about Tashai's new book.

Jack Canfield Interviewing me about my book Fill The Gap: How To Manifest From Where You Are Now to the Life You Want

What Celebrities Are Saying About Tashai's Work?

"I love what you're doing. So many people need to know this work." —Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the #1 Best Selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

“This book is the secret weapon and blueprint that every person or professional can use to achieve happiness and success in their business, their career and in their life. Tashai Lovington has put together a unique collection of life‘s lessons, and success strategies to help you be the best person you can be. Her book is incredibly noteworthy, valuable and inspiring to help you learn how to never give up on yourself, overcome challenges and shine your life to the fullest now! “Fill The Gap” is truly magical! Well done!“
John Formica, The “Ex-Disney Guy”, America’s customer experience speaker at

"This wonderful book shows you how to unlock your full potential and get the very most out of yourself." —Brian Tracy, President of Brian Tracy International and author "Maximum Achievement" and "Eat That Frog"

"These concepts are fundamental for those looking to get the life they've always dreamed of."
Kevin Harrington, Original Shark from Shark Tank

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What others are saying about Tashai's work:

"Tashai is so encouraging and inspires you to live a better life!" —James Malinchak, featured on ABC's Hit TV show, "Secret Millionaire", Founder,

"Tashai teaches you to believe in yourself and that the universe has your back." - Patty Aubery, #1 New York Times Best-selling author, Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul

"Take your life to the next level! Tashai offers invaluable techniques and exercises to finally achieve the success you've always wanted" —Jill Lublin, Master Publicity, Strategist, 4x best-selling author.

“Tashai Lovington has mastered the art of engagement by capturing the reader’s attention from the first page all the way through to the end. She has taken her own life experiences and her astute observations and skillfully incorporated them into insightful spiritual life lessons. Her book, Fill the Gap offers universal principles and wisdom to the neophyte as well as the seasoned life student which is much needed in the world today. Kudos to the author and I recommend that you pick up a copy of Fill the Gap now!” —Sue Corbin, Author, Speaker, & Trainer

  • Stuck in life? Feeling lost and confused? Read this book!

    I had the privilege of meeting Tashai at a conference and learning about her book and mission to be of service and help others find clarity and purpose through learning to listen to their intuition. Her book is an amazing tool for transformation. She shares her story with openness and transparency in a fun easy to read format. I highly recommend picking up your copy of Fill The Gap today! - M. Bender

  • Well written!

    I like the way the book was laid out. Her writing style is easy to read and comprehend. The freebies offered are a nice addition. Even though I have read many other books on the subject of manifestation and law of attraction, I think this one is a straightforward resource for beginners or for those who have gotten off track and need encouragement. - R. Hall

  • Get this book for yourself and your loved ones!

    Tashai is an amazing speaker and coach who gives you brilliant advice to clarify your vision, and how we should direct our focus onto positive aspects of life. She distilled her life-changing wisdom into this book. If you want to go from where you are to where you want to be, it is an absolute must-read! - Y. F. Pun

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Stop what you are doing and read this book! Absolutely incredible and just what I needed. The author's writing style is enjoyable and easy to read. I didn't want to stop reading. Truly a blessing to have found this book. - Fisher G.

A true spiritual companion! I could not put this book down! I love the insight the author shows and the spiritual journey she took me on. A must read for anyone seeking enlightenment. - Kevin G.

Fill the Gap, makes the reader aware of the power of words. Reading Tashai’s book, Fill the Gap, makes the reader aware of the power of words . . . we have a choice every day. The author’s connection with nature, her love of beauty makes her writing even more real. Her book is a helping hand of words and ideas. Keep writing Tashai! - Lewis W.

I loved this book! Highly recommend! This is such a wonderful book! Tashai is a gifted author. Not only is this book well written with really great advice, but it is filled with practical application that will inspire you to live the life you truly want. It is written in a way that is so relatable and easy to understand. Tashai is so honest, vulnerable and real that her book feels like you’re having a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend. Some of her stories will make you smile. I know you’ll enjoy it and be changed for the better. I encourage everyone to read this! - Julie L.

Fill the Gap delivers! Tashai weaves her personal story and inner wisdom with tried and true techniques to help you “fill the gap.” You will feel guided by her kind spirit and inspiring energy as you read through this book! - L.B.

An Important Reminder of Who We Really Are and What We Are Capable Of "Fill the Gap" is a must read for the spiritual adventurer! I loved the personal journey so clearly laid before me by the author. I particularly enjoyed the chapter on the "Living World" and the author's detailed description of her nature experiences that reminds me once again that we are all connected and how important our connection is to the natural world. Well done! - Jaden C.

Eye opener, very interesting! I love the ideas , suggestions , tips , steps and quotes in this book. It provides basics with steps to follow and explanation. It helps you to understand yourself better. - Wendy R.

Nice read! Nice book with a lot of great ideas such as the meaning of happiness. The ideas shared are so inspiring and encouraging. I can't wait to read the entire book. - Ukpong N.

Fill the Gap is a must on everyone's list! "Fill the Gap" is a must read for everyone. I was able to easily relate to the personal stories shared by Tashai for everyone. Very moving and touching. Awesome. - Joseph M.

Simple Guidance to a Better Life. Tashai lays out simple methods to achieve the life of your dreams. She encourages and inspires. I personally resonated with the emotional ladder. - Kimberly M.

Do You Want to Transform Your Life? Read this Book. Tashai gives us practical strategies to up level our life. My biggest takeaway is that we should see setbacks and challenges as opportunities and lessons which not only give us more awareness but serve us to grow and become the absolute best versions of ourselves. If you are looking for for tips on how to reach your full potential, this is your book! - Claudia T.