Ultraviolet Catastrophe

Ultraviolet Catastrophe

This blog is about being in the system but not being ruled by the system. It’s about living life, not enduring it. It’s also about being a modern bohemian, creativity, living healthier and being empowered.

The children's book Ultra-Violet Catastrophe written by Margaret Mahy and illustrated by Brian Froud, (Parents magazine press, 1975) was a big influence on me during my childhood. The story is about a free spirited girl who thinks she has to “endure” a visit to a boring and stuffy aunt. What she finds instead is a unexpected jaunt with her great uncle, Great-uncle Magnus Pringle, (awesome name) whom she had never met before. Turns out, they were kindred spirits and a simple walk turned into a grand adventure. He was a bit odd but in a fun way. The kind that pulls you out of your everyday zone and allows you just to be. Uncle Magnus’s favorite phrase was “Ultra-violet catastrophe.”  He said he liked the sound of it. I did too.

book cover

During their adventure they went through hedges, walked barefoot in the mud, climbed trees, sang songs, made a rock dam in a stream, and got chased by a cow. When they returned from their adventure, the two were much travel worn but supremely happy.

I identified so much with the girl, Sally. She was free spirited, not afraid to get dirty, loved adventure, and she was being raised by her mom. I wanted my life to have days of adventure too. I used to read and look at the artwork all the time. Did I mention the art is fabulous? I still have my copy printed in 1975.

It's been many years, but this simple book still has an influence. It inspired me to name an art piece Ultraviolet Wind.

What is an ultraviolet wind to me?

An ultraviolet wind is related to the winds of change and creativity. You can't see it, but if you pay attention, you can feel it swirling through your life. If you're reading this, that wind is at work right now. Use it to make a change, to push something through that has been stuck for you.
Glad you made it here. Lets start an adventure together.

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