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You only have a finite amount of time here on the planet, why waste even one second of it? If you’re like so many others who report feeling like they don’t have enough hours in the day, then this book is for you!


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How to connect with your inner guidance in 7 days or less!


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  • Fill The Gap Book

    How To Manifest From Where You Are Now to the Life You Want.

    What people are saying about it...

    "I love what you're doing. So many people need to know this work." —Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the #1 Best Selling book series Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

    “This book is the secret weapon and blueprint that every person or professional can use to achieve happiness and success in their business, their career and in their life. Tashai Lovington has put together a unique collection of life‘s lessons, and success strategies to help you be the best person you can be. Her book is incredibly noteworthy, valuable and inspiring to help you learn how to never give up on yourself, overcome challenges and shine your life to the fullest now! “Fill The Gap” is truly magical! Well done!“ 
    John Formica, The “Ex-Disney Guy”, America’s customer experience speaker at

    "This wonderful book shows you how to unlock your full potential and get the very most out of yourself." —Brian Tracy, President of Brian Tracy International and author "Maximum Achievement" and "Eat That Frog"

    "These concepts are fundamental for those looking to get the life they've always dreamed of." 
    Kevin Harrington, Original Shark from Shark Tank

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  • Life-Mastering Habit Tracker Book

    You only have a finite amount of time here on the planet, why waste even one second of it? If you’re like so many others who report feeling like they don’t have enough hours in the day, then this book is for you!

    • How are you using your time?
    • Are you consciously moving toward your goals each and every day?
    • Do your daily habits contribute to your success?
    • Or are your days slipping away like sand through your fingers?

    Awareness is the key. Stop complaining about not reaching your goals, and instead, take back control of your life today!

    Want to get to the next level? Consistent daily practices and exercises are the key and will make all the difference in your life. But how do you stick with them? This beautiful tracker book is the answer. It provides you with both visual motivation and a point and reward system. Don’t underestimate its simplicity. This easy-to-use tracker tool really works! Includes a chapter on how to use your tracker for getting the best results.

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  • Popping the Bubble Mini-course

    Connect with your inner guidance in 7 days or less.You are your own best hero. All you need is someone to light your way.Someone who has been there and knows how hard it can be to live in this world and feel that no one has your back. I'm here to show you that the universe has your back. You just need to learn to hear and follow its guidance and in the process become your own best hero, coach, teammate and cheerleader all rolled into one.

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Hi, I'm Tashai

Welcome friends, current and future!

Do you wish there was a way to get from where you are now to the life of your dreams?​​​​
Are you interested in expanding your life and consciousness?

Do you feel that inner restlessness, the tickling in the back of your mind that there is more to this world than meets the eye?

If you know what I mean, my work is for you.​​I can help you get the life you want.

Feel empowered.

Gain a sense of inner calm and peace.

Know that things are finally working out in your life.

You can start right away.

The techniques are simple and you can implement them immediately.​

  • About Me

    I’m a multipotentialite which means I have a lot of interests. From travel, art, animals, writing, graphic design, interior design, healthy living, metaphysics, and more, I have spent my life following my heart.​​​​

  • In addition to being an independent author, for over 25 years I have been a visual artist. I produced (with my husband) a feature-length documentary that screened in over 200 hundred cities and three countries. I have raised guide dog puppies, have numerous pet reptiles, and love to travel and explore the planet, 

  • I was drawn to the study of metaphysics and universal principles at a very early age and it is my life’s calling. Above all else, I’ve learned that our natural state of being is joy and that the essence of life is to have fun. I have the ability to see the broader perspective of things and break them down into easily understandable bites of useful information.

    Come join me on this exciting journey through life.​